Since the very first edition of the auction, Belgium’s top rider and horse trader Karel Cox has been a great customer of The Youngsters Auction. In 2018, Cox purchased the first top-seller Je T’Aime Z together with Dutch rider Johnny Pals and Irish rider Billy Twomey. Now, three years later, Je T’Aime Z is living up to the high expectation. “We are very happy with Je T’Aime Z, he is definitely a future Grand Prix horse”, Karel Cox states.

Cox, Pals & Twomey purchased Je T’Aime Z in 2018
“I first heard about the auction in 2018 from Peter van der Waaij”, Karel Cox tells. “I have known him for quite some years from the shows and he told me about their upcoming auction. My wife Marit, Johnny Pals and I went to the auction and we immediately liked Je T’Aime Z. Since he is a son of Billy Twomey’s former top stallion Je T’Aime Flamenco, Billy decided to step in as well, so we bought him with the three of us.”

‘Exactly like the auction described’
Je T’Aime Z has been produced by Karel’s wife Marit Haarr Skollerud as a youngster and later on jumped up to 1.45m level with Billy Twomey. Now Italy’s Giampiero Garofalo is riding Je T’Aime Z and has already delivered some good results at CSI2* Grand Prix level. “Je T’Aime Z is a future Grand Prix horse! And he turned out to be exactly like the auction described, which gives us a lot of trust for the future. The Youngsters Auction is always full of quality and definitely an auction you should not miss!”, Karel Cox concludes.

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